Cannabis leaf sublimation hardboard blank earrings

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Get creative with these cutout shapes! They are cut using Unisub hardboard sheet stock. The quality Unisub coating is designed specifically to give outstanding sublimation image results.

Thickness: 1/8"

Sides: 1 or 2 sided

*This listing is for 2 cutout MDF pieces. It will make 1 set of 2 earrings.*

*Does not include earring hardware.*

Heat press settings (Unisub recommendation but can vary with heat press):
- temperature - 400 degrees F
- press time - 1 minute
- pressure - medium

Sublimation settings will vary depending on the heat press brand and model, ink, paper, and atmospheric conditions. 

- Remove the protective coating from white side.
Use a lint-free towel to remove any loose debris from the substrate if necessary. Use a little soap on a soft, damp cloth if any brown residue exists.
- Position the substrate onto the transfer and adhere transfer to substrate using heat tape.
- Place the transfer and substrate in the press.
- Place the scratch paper over the transfer.
- Press the items using the sublimation settings listed above.
- Remove items from the press immediately. Use heat resistant gloves if
necessary - the items will be very hot.
- Remove transfer from substrate.

*Unisub is made in the USA, and the items are cut into shapes in Iowa, USA.